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A Dirk Otten & Marc A. Littler FILM

In the late 70s and 80s German rock musician and poet KIEV STINGL was a die-hard outsider - even within the emerging underground scene. 

Merging French Symbolism, American Beat poetry and a snotty Punk attitude paired with an affinity for avantgarde literature, Kiev Stingl gained a notorious reputation but received little to no commercial success. 

His artistic legacy: 4 records and 4 books of poetry - after that KIEV STINGL vanished from the radar in the early 90s.

Filmmaker Marc A. Littler (Slowboat Films) and musician Dirk Otten (The Dad Horse Experience) seeked out and ultimately located KIEV STINGL. 

This documentary will portray him as disturbing and radical as his work and life has been.

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